1 For Life is a Christian ministry designed to help couples strengthen their marriage   relationships. Our goal is to provide truly practical and life-changing direction for marriages, for God's Glory! Mark 10:7-9 states that the husband and wife are no longer two, but that they are one flesh. It's God's plan that we remain 1 For Life! This scripture is where the name for our ministry was birthed.

We realize that we can't have a successful marriage relationship apart from abiding in Christ. Our success in marriage comes by spending time daily with the Lord, which is accomplished by reading the Bible and communicating with Him in prayer. The conferences and curriculum are not the ultimate answers for marriage problems. Jesus Christ is the answer for all areas of our lives!

The goal of each conference is to create an atmosphere of openness and change, and to give practical, Biblical instruction to strengthen marriages. The conferences are fun, direct, and very practical.

The curriculum series are designed to be used during your Sunday School hour or at any other training time, and allows a church to start their own marriage enrichment program.

The marriage series is a 14 week series designed for couples of any age. It is for couples who want to strengthen their marriage and it's also for couples in crisis.

The newlywed series is also a 14 week series. It's designed for newlyweds and young marrieds that have been married less than three years. This series is to help young couples start their marriages on the right foot, and to develop good and Godly habits in their first crucial years of marriage. The goal is to be proactive instead of waiting until problems arise and then reacting.

Both sets of curriculum have a teacher's manual for the teacher, and a workbook available for each couple to use. The teacher's manual is loaded with demonstrations, illustrations, a suggestion of songs, etc...to be used for each lesson. The resources suggested are listed at the top of each lesson. The workbooks for the couples don't have as much detail as the teacher's manual, and they have fill-in-the-blanks for key words.

Thank you for your interest in our ministry and please call us if we can help you in any way!


"It gives me a great deal of joy to commend to you, Joe Ulveling. Joe and his wife, Debbie, have been teaching the newlywed and marriage classes at the First Baptist Church of Woodstock for years. God has greatly used them, and in recent days, they have compiled their material into a fourteen week study that I believe would be of great help to your Bible study hour or small groups. I hope that you will take a moment and review the material and give prayerful consideration to implementing it in your fellowship."

    Dr. Johnny M. Hunt, Pastor
    First Baptist Church
    Woodstock, Georgia


"It is with great excitement and anticipation that I wholeheartedly recommend to you "Building Blocks For A Successful Marriage", and "Building Blocks For Newlyweds". We have experienced the incredible healing balm of God in many of our marriages here the past six years as we have taught this curriculum. I am confident you will find it to be very practical and relevant to the issues that many of our homes are struggling with today. I urge Pastors, churches and all who have a desire to do all they can to return our homes to the place where God intended them to be, to use this curriculum and use Joe to lead in a marriage conference."

    Rev. Jim Law, Associate Pastor
    First Baptist Church
    Woodstock, Georgia


"I count it a great joy to give my full recommendation of the ministry of Joe Ulveling, founder of 1 For Life. Mr. Ulveling is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University. He is dedicated to the work of Christ. The burden of Mr. Ulveling's heart is the building of Christian homes. This is the calling of God for him and he is seeking every opportunity to build strong, dedicated homes. Through the years he has had remarkable success in helping others. It is with joy that I recommend this man to you. I am praying that through his ministry many homes will be brought together and enjoy the joy of the Lord."

    Dr. Lee Roberson, Chancellor
    Tennessee Temple University
    Chattanooga, Tennessee