Joe & Debbie’s Story. . .


I'd like to introduce myself and my wife to you. My wife's name is Debbie, and she is my beautiful wife of 25 years! We met in college and both graduated from Tennessee Temple University. She is truly a blessing from the Lord. She has been my motivation and inspiration in writing the curriculum for the workshops and in preparing for marriage conferences. Since she has been active in giving ideas and editing, she has had her hands in the pot as well. Our last name gets murdered, so to help you out... it sounds like the word "ultimate" for the "Ul" sound. I had been in the commercial finance industry for over ten years, and Debbie stays at home with our two boys, Trenton and Tucker. Her official title is, "CEO of the Ulveling Home", which stands for Chief Enforcement Officer, and those of you with small children understand this very well!

We attended the First Baptist Church in Woodstock, GA, for 10 years and started the newlywed and marriage ministries there. In preparing and researching for the newlywed and marriage classes, the Lord gave me a vision for curriculum that would "hit the nail on the head". I first wrote the curriculum titled "Building Blocks For Newlyweds". Studies show 50% of divorces take place within three years of the wedding day. The Lord blessed our newlywed classes and in the 10 years we were at FBC Woodstock we started 14 new young marrieds classes out of the newlywed classes. I saw firsthand many marriages that were failing, and the Lord burdened my heart for all couples. This is how "Building Blocks For A Successful Marriage" was birthed.

The curriculum is not the ultimate answer for marriage problems. Jesus Christ is the answer for all areas of our lives! The curriculum is a tool to be used to create an atmosphere of openness and change for couples. Most couples think their marriages are doing just fine, but they don't realize it may be a time bomb waiting to explode! Remember, the best time to work on an issue, is when it's not an issue! The goal of each session is to create oneness in each couple's marriage. The overall goal of the curriculum and conferences is, "To provide truly practical and life-changing direction for marriages, for God's glory"!

Marriages are under attack, and we must take action to stop our family structure from crumbling! I believe in order to strengthen your marriage, you must be able to do two things: First, you must know what to do for your marriage. (This comes by way of tools, like the curriculum, which will guide you in your marriage.) Secondly, you must act upon the knowledge you have. ( It's not enough to have the tools.) Information without action is useless in your marriage! It is my prayer and desire that the conferences and curriculum will help you to strengthen your marriage, and that you will be discipled in your Christian walk.